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Dyson Cyclone V10

Debbie Miller
8 Feb 2020

I’ve owned a Dyson cordless stick Vacuum for
For about 5 years now but I’ve been ready to upgrade as my existing one got water into the engine part.
The first thing I noticed about this model when 
Unwrapping it was the much bigger dust bin.
I was always having to empty my old one quite a few times when doing bigger areas, but with this new V10 model I was able to do all the downstairs living areas, carpet and tile!
The dustbin wasn’t as easy to empty as I had to take the stick off, once I realised that, it wasn’t really a problem.
I also loved the fact of the 3 levels of power and found maximum to be very powerful and no louder than my previous Vacuum stick.
This Dyson Cyclone V10 Motörhead model is a little heavier but so much easier than my corded Vacuum.
I found the head better too, as it did not get as tangled with hair as my old one did, we all have long hair and I was constantly having to stop and get rid of hair, so this is a bonus with the V10!
The power of the Dyson Cyclone V10, picked up most things on the floor, with me only having to run across a couple of Areas twice.
So for me this cordless stick seems strong enough and will be superseding my corded Vacuum.
I will be wall mounting the charger in the laundry as it takes up very little room and is very easy to put up and take down!
On full charge the battery does have a longer life as I was able to vacuum the lounge,dining,
Kitchen, TV room and hall on low power and still had some charge.
I’m a fan of The look of Dysons stick vacuums
As I love all the streamlining they put into their products!
I’m extremely happy with my new Dyson Cyclone V10 Motörhead cordless Vacuum and I would highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.
I would rate this 5 stars
Debbie Miller
Gold Coast, Qld

Cadbury's Hamper

Sarah Harper
16 Jun 2018

I received your email regarding the Cadbury Hamper on 13 June 2018, to which you ordered it straight away.
I then received the hamper only 2 days later on 15 June 2018.
There wasn't anyone home but the postman left the hamper in a safe place.
It was in a big box with delivery instruction on the front. It was left the right way up and when I opened it the contents did not seem to have moved to much.
The actual purple hamper / box that the chocolates come in is very nice. Well made and I like the brightness of it.
Inside it was purple tissue paper under the items and 2 of the items were wrapped in a ribbon.
The hamper is bigger than i expected.
There is an assortment of different chocolates in the hamper. There are 5 classic Cadbury blocks of chocolate which were all quite different. 1 plain chocolate, 1 Oreo, 1 caramelo, 1 hazelnut and 1 dark/milk block. I like that there is a range of different sorts.
There was then 4 smaller 50gram bars with snack, marvelous creations, fruit & nut and a milk/dark.
There was also a box of chocolates with an assortment of 16 different filled chocolates.
If you were purchasing this as a gift or for a work place etc, there is definitely a wide variety of chocolates.
The quality of the products are fantastic. I can't fault it. Very yummy.
I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

UGG Boots

Nichole Stanley
1 Jun 2018

I'm Nichole Stanley and I was chosen to review some UGG boots. So here goes. 
I received my email of notification from Get, Test, Keep on Friday 27th April 2018 ( woohoo I won I won I won!!). Sent to myself from a patient, accomodating, completely helpful, happy and engaging lady -Tania Walker. All of the information contained in the email was easy to understand and directions easy to follow. 
My address was confirmed. ( how long? How long? How long? Poor Tania ) Firstly size, style, colour. After about 8 attempts and feeling a bit depleted I left the details to Tania. Who did an amazing job organising me some UGG boots. 
Tania relayed that the UGG boots were ordered on Wednesday 23rd May 2018.
Bailey Button ii in grey. 
Two days later Friday 25th May 2018 and my lovely mail lady was honking her horn in my driveway. What a nice surprise on my day off. ( woohoo woohoo its here so soon. Show me show me ). Ok slow down take photos. Already ordered everyone in the house do not touch! 
Packed in a plain box with great identification in a large UGG sticker. Inside was a shoe box also easily identified. Invoice and thank you postcard. That was nice. So that's what I got easy to see and read all labels. Nice and neatly packaged so as to guard from any damage. Structural supports in the leg of the boots and something that keeps the shape of the toe. Chunky sole, soft to touch. 
Put your foot in, dare ya. 
O. M. G. Perfect fit. So , so soft, lush, Devine. 
Soft and squishy underfoot like walking in clouds. 
I melted into the first Bailey Button ii UGG boot and smooshed around sinking into its lush genuine sheeps wool. Oh my. Never taking them off. 
Shin height easy to tuck pants into or leave out. Loose fitted sides can be rolled down or worn high. Thick chunky sole great tread. I live on a vege farm so lots of dirt. They absolutely pass the outdoors test. Cushioned sole soft on the feet inside. Great stitch work, no rough seams. Large UGG motif button attached extremely well on the outer side of the boot. No messy stitching or puckers in the sheep skin. No excess glue reside on boots. Great shape. 
It's now Friday 8th June 2018. I've had my Bailey Button ii UGG boots for two weeks and have had them on from the moment I sit up in bed till I go to work. 
My UGG boots are the second thing I do when I get home. Petting my dog is the first. By the way they mustn't smell of sheep as he hasn't tried to eat or pee on them. 
My Bailey Button ii UGG boots are on my feet every available minute. Lush. Dirt has not stuck to them. I'm surprised as I said, farm, dirt. The tread has not worn at all and they are still as soft and snuggely as the first time. If only I could wear them to bed. Maybe?  
I easily give my Bailey Button ii UGG boots an overall star rating of 5++++++ extremely excellent. 
Thank you Get Test Keep for a wonderful suprise and opportunity. 
Thank you Tania Walker for a easy, friendly transaction. 
Thank you UGG boots for my awesome, soft, durable, amazing. 
Bailey Button ii UGG boots size 10 in grey. 

A note from GTK - we had several issues being able to locate the required UGG boots in the required size hence why it took a while to find a pais that were the right size, style and colour, but eventually we found a pair for Nichole.

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